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Monday 28 February 2011


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Design Portfolio.

Websites | Logos | Flyers & more.

Custom Pages, Tabs & MiniSites On Facebook Portal Security MiniSite On Facebook
Website Design E Dugdale Son And Grandsons
Custom Twitter Pages. Official Twitter Page for Portal Security
Website Design WindowCareLtd yearly redesign and upgrade.
Website Design Mayfare Management 2011
Custom Pages, Tabs & MiniSites On Facebook Grange Bodyshop & Service Centre
Custom Pages, Tabs & MiniSites On Facebook The DXWebdesigns Official DXBrochure Site On Facebook,
Custom Twitter Pages. Paul Scotton Twitter Page
Custom Twitter Pages. DXWebdesigns Twitter Page
Custom Pages, Tabs & MiniSites On Facebook SocialNetworkingProfiles Facebook Page
Website Design LKSecurity Leeds Official Website
Website Design The Book Download Page.
Custom Pages, Tabs & MiniSites On Facebook The Paul Scotton Business Page On Facebook.
Custom Pages, Tabs & MiniSites On Facebook DXWebdesigns Official MiniSite On Facebook.
Logo Design Paul Scotton Design Website Logo
Business Card Design Company Business Card
Flyer Design Clubbers Guide
Website Design Beachcomber<br />Benidorm
Website Design Lennons<br />Benidorm
Website Design PSD<br />Marbella
Website Design JTP<br />London
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website
Website Design Official Website

Out Now

 - DXMiniSite Static Pro
DXMiniSite Static Pro
Add a mini site on your Facebook Page
View The DXMiniSite Static Pro Product Page
 - Starter Audio Store
Starter Audio Store
Sell your songs and audio files onlne.
View The Starter Audio Store Product Page
 - Professional Store
Professional Store
Sell Online, Share Photos and Videos
View The Professional Store Product Page
 - Business Pro Advanced
Business Pro Advanced
Portfolio, Testimonials, Videos and Blog
View The Business Pro Advanced Product Page
 - Night Club Advanced Pro
Night Club Advanced Pro
Create Events, Share DJ / Staff Profiles
View The Night Club Advanced Pro Product Page
 - tester entry
tester entry
tester entry
View The tester entry Product Page

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The website terms and conditions have been updated to allow for the new Facebook services that we are now providing.

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DXWebdesigns Website Design & Dynamic Systems.

International Website Design | Dynamic Website Packages |

Our expert design team will meet the needs and requirements of any type of client and are fully versed in HTML and PHP coding, Search Engine Optimization and Graphic Design, ensuring that the end result is 100% professional and exceeds your expectations. Choose from our range of website design packages, create your own package by choosing from our wide range of purpose built dynamic systems or get a quote for a system you have an idea for.
DXWebdesigns cover all aspects of website design, website development and website promotion, our services range from from Webdesign packages, Custom CMS Systems, E-Commerce website systems, event systems, online blogs, Custom MiniSites And Tab Pages On Facebook and Custom Apps On Facebook to logo design, flyer design packages, website copy writing, Search Engine Optimization, website actors, advertising, networking and more.

Website Design.
Dynamic Webdesign packages
DXWebdesigns proudly provide our services internationally and currently provide Webdesign Services and Dynamic Systems to business in 6 countries throughout the world in towns such as Blackpool and Leeds in the UK, Marbella and Benidorm in Spain, Tamarac and Weston, Florida in the United States, Victoria in Australia and The Netherlands.

We can cater to the requirements of most organisations and provide this service to a wide spectrum of clients ranging from builders and architects to nightclubs, DJs, entertainers and agencies. Please take a look at our portfolio and if you would like further assistance or to negotiate a deal on multiple orders, please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Latest Webdesign From Our Portfolio.

Website Design.
Facebook Page, Tabs & MiniSites Design Packages
Facebook has grown to be the biggest social networking website existing on the net, with over 500,000,000 active users to date, and an estimated billion before Xmas 2011, there are no guesses where you need to be advertising your business and the services you provide.

DXWebdesigns understand that your websites compatibility with Facebook and other social networking sites such as Twitter is a necessity and build each website on a platform that can be integrated with and even used inside of various social media profiles, pages and groups.

As well as this DXWebdesigns designs and builds custom Pages, Tabs, MiniSites and Apps on Facebook that match your businesses branding and help you portray your businesses image and individuality on Facebook.

Latest Pages, MiniSites & Apps On Facebook From Our Portfolio.

Website Design.
Twitter Page Design Packages
Twitter is another social networking giant with over 50,000,000 users using the site on a daily basis to connect with other people and businesses and keep up to date with what is going on in the world.

Customizing Twitter pages is limited to custom background images and customized colours for their widgets on your website.

DXWebdesigns offer integration with your content and website as standard. We also offer bespoke customized twitter pages that can be designed to match the style of your website and your business branding.

Latest Custom Twitter Page Designs From Our Portfolio.

Dynamic Website Systems.
DXDynamic Systems
DXDynamix are a range of CMS systems that we have designed over the years. The DXDynamix range provide you the facilities to take part in the running of your website and helping it stay up to date and fresh for you visitors, the more new content you have on your site the more people and search engine robots will return or link to your site from their blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages etc.

The systems were origionally built as custom CMS systems then released to the public to add to their site. They range from simple link sharing systems to photo gallerys, event systems, full ecommerce systems and Facebook Apps.
Countries We Provide Website Services To.

Popular Website Packages & DXDynamix Systems.

What Our Customers Are Buying.

Dynamic Website Design

The Next Generation Of Websites.

Website design has evolved immensely over the last few years, with the introduction of social media the general public have been catapulted into the infinite realm of the internet, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of establishing themselves on the internet and have more of an understanding of what they need their website to do.

Website design is the primary stage of the website design project, where our design team will create a design based on the specific requirements of the client. Our designer will take into account the clients business colours, products & services and target market to create a design that best reflects the nature of the business. All of our completed website designs will include the a unique, hand coded, bespoke design. For more demos of our work please visit the Website Design Portfolio

Website Development

Developing Your Website.

Once the design has been agreed upon, the next stage is to develop the website, converting the design into a combination of hand coded HTML / PHP and CSS, enabling the website, once uploaded, to be viewed on the internet. There are two main sections of DXWebdesigns website development, Front End Development - The construction of the website using 2 of the most popular languages: HTML and CSS and Back End Development - The construction and integration of Dynamix systems that provide interaction for your website visiters, these are created using the PHP programming language and using MYSQL databases to power the scripts.

About DXWebdesigns

A bit of history for you.

DXWebdesigns is the result of many years of experience within the website design industry, dealing on a one to one basis with clients from all over the world and listening to their needs and requirements for their online presence. We understand the growing needs of the client to be able to control certain areas of their website, but not need a degree to do so. Our company provides everything you need to establish, maintain and promote an up-to-the-minute dynamic web presence, specialising in dynamic systems that revolutionise the webdesign industry. The DXDynamix Systems provide a network of dynamic web based applications that can be integrated with your website and enable you to control the parts of the website you want to control, keeping your website fresh and active.

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